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  • Confidence is Everything

    The most professional athletes in all sports always have confidence in their ability to win and be the best at what they do. Fishing is no different, you must go to the water with the confidence that you can be successful and have some fun while doing it. Have you ever seen a professional athlete that was not just beaming over with confidence; you must believe in yourself and your process to be a good fisherman. It is no different whether you are a fisherman, football player, or a computer repair person, no matter what you do you must have confidence in yourself to be good at it and fishing needs or requires the same self-confidence to be successful.

    I donít think I have ever seen a fisherman win a tournament that was convinced that they could not compete, it just does not happen. Self-confidence comes in many ways on the water, sometimes it is the depth of water you are fishing, many times it is the color of a specific bait you are using or even the presentation you are fishing. I find that if a person believes in their day on the water from start to finish it not only makes them fish better, but it moves the day on very quickly.

    Confidence also comes in baits, one of the things I always ask a person on a tough day on the water is; what is your confidence bait? When fishing is tough, I turn to their internal engine to put baits in their hands that they are confident they can catch a fish. Sometimes doing this I have to change depths or go to areas with less grass, or find rock or stumps to accommodate their confidence bait but it helps, they believe again and they fish with more energy and generally find a way to start catching fish.

    Lastly confidence is not arrogance it is self belief, it generates energy, you pay attention to the detail, you fish harder and you catch more fish when you do it with confidence. Arrogance is a defense in most cases to lack of confidence and that only gets you in trouble on the water. When you fish with confidence you make the right moves at the right time and you have more fun!

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