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  • 2002 Tackle Review - PART ONE

    Jim Strader tested this item for us in Canada last week. Jim Recieved the TyGer Leader and immediately liked it. It ties any fishing knot and works extremely well on toothy critters. Jim was very impressed with the way the leader allowed him to drop the normal use of swivels and leader and just tie the leader directly to the line and the bait. It also allows better action on surface lures and allows you to present them in a much more natural presentation than has been allowed in the past with regular leaders. Comes in several sizes and styles.

    Tyger Leader

    New Jigs from Alabama Guide

    Some nice hair jigs.. the weed guard is wire and the jigs work good with most trailers.

    I tried these with Snoozers Tubes and I really like them.

    New rattle on these makes much more sound and rides to the side freely.

    Quality rubber skirt with good action makes this a great product.

    These jigs are made by my good friend Carl Boaz of Alabama. He guides on the Tennesse River System in Alabama.
    You can order tham at www.tourneyjigs.com

    Hairy Joe Worm New Bait from the Punisher Jig Folks

    the Hairy Joe is a new worm that soem of you Drop Shot and whacky worm
    users might want to try. The bait is hand poured with the special craft hair in one end of the worm. The craft hair is exclusive to the Punisher Jig currently but is now being used in the Hairy Joe worm to give it an extra bit of action when fishing for almost any fish. Ed Harp is using them on the Ohio River and rigging them whacky style for both Hybrids and Bass.

    Snoozers tubes are an excellent bait. I got a couple of packages of these from the company and really like them. Dave Stewart has used them and uses them exclusively in his guide business. They have a unique Crawfish and Garlic scent made directly from Crawfish and real garlic.I could smell them before I opened the package. The slightly different shape should help the baits to drop a little slowere in the water.
    You can also get hooks with this bait specifically made for them.

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