Hey My Friends, do you ever dream about Surf Fishing a tropical beach where the ocean temperatures are almost 90 degree's ? Watching Rooster Fish Ambush Mullet in the curl of the waves no more than 30 feet in front of you, the photo opportunities are Endless. You see my Wife suffers from Sea Sickness but loves to fish and a long time ago we went down to Mazatlan Mexico hoping to Surf or Fish from Rocks on shore. We searched the internet until our fingers Bled with no luck. We took our own gear but without some knowledge of the local waters, I knew as an experienced angler our luck would be limited. After arriving in Mazatlan and booking a fishing trip for Rooster Fishing inshore (Trolling) on a Panga I Met "Angel" really Miguel Angel LLavona. A local guy who walked up and down the beach trying to sign you up for a Fishing Trip, Para Sail Ride or anything else the locals do for money. Truthfully my first instinct of Angel was a Local Shyster looking to fleece the tourists of their cash. That was on our first trip down there. Next year we returned and there was Old Angel walking the beach trying to make a living. He spotted me and immediately recognized me from years before, he came over to our table and introduced himself. This trip we brought our eldest Son with us (The real Angler of the Family) Angel invited My Son and I to join him on a fishing trip out to Deer Island. Me being the weary American tourist immediately asked how much? He seemed confused, you see he was inviting us as friends that he had never really met before. He answered, you have to buy a ticket on the Duck (Amphibious Truck from WW-II) that's all. Just like previous years we took our own tackle and rods down with us again. When we got out to Deer Island Angel saw the useless tackle we had with us and he opened his very empty tackle box of jigs and plugs to us. It made me feel really good when he did that and I knew Angel was indeed a friend for life. Now we jump to the present day, with everyone so Paranoid about vacationing in Mazatlan for no real reasons except fear or something. The fishing is OFF THE HOOK! it's not if you're going to hook something,. but if you can get it to shore before something even BIGGER steals it off your line. OH every fish I caught has TEETH real sharp teeth so plugs tend to get Demolished after about four fish. Soft Plastic's are USELESS unless you change them after every hit, not fish, just a hit. My friend Angel is going to school to be a Christian Missonary so don't think he'll score you anything you ain't supposed to have. $100 a day covers one person with their own gear (inshore set-up is perfect, 7' to 8' rod w/ a castable reel) Remember in the State of Sinaloa you don't need a fishing license unless your fishing from a boat. Angel can arrange for live bait too (Mullet & Shrimp are the best). Also, Angel will let non fishing family members tag along for $25 (with paying Angler). He also can take you on Photo Safaris around the city and surrounding areas. Miguel "Angel" Llavona
Or you can contact me
Barry "Bear" Waite
to set up all trips.
I collect no money and Angel deals in CASH ONLY please.
3 Hour Surf or Rock Fishing Trip $75 per person (non anglers $25 each)
He has reliable Transportation - Fishing Tackle - Knowledge of the Area and can pick you up at the Cruise Ship Terminal or any Resort in Mazatlan
Angel is a Master at Handline Fishing and can teach you the art in less than an hour.