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    Losing more fish; fishing from kayak compared to other boats

    Has anyone else noticed a difference of losing more fish when fishing from a kayak compared to other boats? Maybe because I am more used to fishing out of a bigger boats either standing or sitting on a raised seat on a raised platform I am having more of an adjustment. I am just losing more fish then I am ever used to and it's like I haven't set the hook properly, something I never have an issue with when fishing out of a larger boat. I am thinking that being so low in the water I must not have near the same leverage I do from the higher elevation on other boats and it is resulting in losing more fish. I lost three the other day where I simply couldn't believe the hooks wouldn't have been set. One was especially frustrating because it was one of those that you just knew was a monster when it hit, the old "Bam" and the drag instantly goes with it type of hit.

    Just curious if anyone else has ever experienced this?

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    I think it just takes some getting use to, i catch more fish outta my yak than the boat honestly, at first, yes i was losing fish like a hobby, but as time went on, it got a lot better. I do use fish grips or a net though to land my fish, since so much is going on with sitting right on the water and drifting around and such, its super easy to stick that hook in your hand.

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