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    Shiners for Cumberland

    Going in at Jamestown. Does anyone know where to get shiners week of Monday 10 October?

    Jamestown ship store says its closed mon-wed
    State Dock ship Store: Don't know hours, they don't have 0n their page
    Bass Pro Russel Springs?

    Where else? Allegator 2?

    Even willing to run the Grid Hill Dock to load up first day.

    Old guy does not want to hump a bait bucket down the gangway steps to the Jamestown dock-exceed my load capacity.

    Any help appreciated.

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    BP Station in Jamestown has them.

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    The Cumberland Store (Valero) near the entrance of the State Park usually has them. Also get one of their breakfast sandwiches. You won't be disappointed!

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    Just curious, how big are the shiners, I got some in burkesvill a while back and they were very small.

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    The ones in August were small.
    By the time you got hey may be back to good size.

    They always seem to me small and sickly late August.

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