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    Are all tourney Anglers aware?

    Guys I'm trying to start anything just simply want to make sure all our tourney Angler in kentucky realize that there has been a law pushed through without any representation or voice singling out the tourney Angler by Deputy comissioner Kingsley of Kentucky state parks putting extra financial burden and in a lot of cases closing the doors of many small tourneys this edict constitutes that any tourney over 25 boats must pay and assessed fee aswell as carry 1,000,000 in liability policy with parks named on it and states you must schedule through the parks all events that may be canceled by parks at anytime and if you do not have policy present may be assessed an unknown fine value for not presenting it , the parks are telling everyone not to worry it won't be enforced but is it worth your club to trust that. It doesn't matter if your boater carry proof of insurance or not it's still must be there, guys I'd like to encourage all to get in contact with me or contact your local officials this was not put out with any notice and passed without a voice call these officials and demand tourney Anglers not be singled out

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