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    nolin lake and nolin river report!

    I didn't make it today had to work! But my buddy and his wifefished from the bank at Dog creek they caught 28 crappie and 3 catfish all with minnows...
    My other buddy fished at Red Rock from his boat around stick ups they caught 33 crappie and a huge bass with jigs mainly orange and chautruse and black and chautruse.
    And lastly a Amish guy had a 7 pound walleye at the Wax store and several white bass he was fishing at Bacon Creek...sounds like a great day to have been on the water!
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    Headed there 1 st of may will be staying by wax should be interesting I not familiar with that end of the lake hopefully catch the tail end of the crappie should be bedding gills also

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