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Thread: Jackson Cuda HD

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    Jackson Cuda HD

    Was wondering if anyone on here owns a Jackson Cuda HD and what your thoughts on this Kayak are? Positives, negatives? Thinking about buying a used one next week but have never fished out of a kayak and don't really know much about the Cuda's.

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    Sorry, but I'm probably a couple weeks too late. I have a similar kayak, the Jackson Kracken 13.5. Mine is a few years old. I think mine was a bit lighter and .5 or 1 inch narrower. I absolutely love mine. It's easy to paddle long distances, extremely stable to fish out of. Can carry a ton of gear plus me. The Cuda has more bells and whistles and probably will fish better. The Cuda comes in 12 ft (more maneuverable) and 14 ft (easier to paddle long distances).

    If you are new to kayak fishing, the biggest difference is that your body will generally be facing one direction, so setting the hook may be across your body or from back to front. It means you may not get the cross-their-eyes hooks every time. Practice makes perfect!

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