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    Lake Cumberland this weekend

    Headed down today this weekend to do some fishing.

    Going to fish the river Friday and the Lake on Sunday.

    Where are the striper on the lake right now?

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    Should be headed to the ends of the creeks around this time. Haven't fished them lately though so couldn't be totally sure.

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    Kendall ramp is closed

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    I think trying to fish the river might be a waste of time and resources, they've been spilling for about the past month now and I'm almost sure the fishing is still blown out for another month or so before levels get back to normal.

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    We didnít catch any stripers, but last weekend the back of creeks were full of Shad and every now and then a big fish would blow up on them in the middle of the creek channel. I assume they were stripers that were busting, but I donít know for sure.
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    Fished last weekend in Indian, Saturday in the back of the creek (where chanel 20' -30' deep or so), and Sunday about mid creek. I did not see a whole lot of bait in Indian In the back. Saw more bait near the middle of the creek. Didn't start fishing each day till about 9:00 AM EDT. Pulling shiners 35 feet to the surface. Not really much was Happening on and around my boat. About 1 o'clock Saturday I saw some guides cleaning fish at Grider Hill as I drove through the no wake zone. The surface temp was fairly consistent at 52į from the main lake to the back of the creek.
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