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    Huntingburg Lake

    Anyone fish for Saugeye there? What do you use? Fish the bottom like you would for Sauger? What depth? What time of year? Just looking for info to get started.
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    1702 views and not one other reply. What the F?

    What is wrong with the fishermen in Indiana. I can't believe that no one has responded to this post. I find it irritating that this Indiana Thread is absent of posts. I know you are out there looking in here as there were 1705 views on this thread.

    Compare the IN threads to the KY threads where people actually talk to each other and actually give useful information and have become friends. There must be something in the water here in IN. Actually, there are a lot of bad things in the water we drink if you get your water from underground and or the surface waters like the Ohio River. Indiana is much more industrialized than KY so that could be one of the reasons for the different types of behavior.

    Someone in here out of the 1705 views must know some information and it sure would be nice if they were add something of value to this thread.

    I'd help him but I don't really fish for saugers or saugeyes. I have seen others catching saugers on KY lake but I can't remember if it was summer or fall when I last saw them doing that. They were in Shannon Creek on KY lake and fishing in between a couple of islands and the Western Shoreline not too far from the channel that enters the bay along that creek. They were fishing shallow water and I think that maybe it had a slight current. I didn't pay any attention to the water being released from the dam in those days. I now know that was a mistake. Anyone that fishes a lowland reservoir like KY lake should be aware of when they are letting water out from the dam and generating power. That determines how much current is in the lake and then how the fish relate to the currents if you are fishing in the main lake where the old river channel carries the current.

    Now many many years ago I fished for Walleye in Ontario Canada on Eagle Lake. We would troll backward with inline spinners with red beads and a live minnow on the bar hook. Trolling backward in the boat slowed it down and we would drag the baits near the bottom along deeper drop-offs. These were rental boats that had a high transom that allowed for back trolling with a 20 HP Mercury 1965/68 outboard motor that my dad owned. We hauled the motor to the lake and then rented a boat for the two weeks taht we were there.
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