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    Crappie and the cold snap

    will the Crappie recover from this cold snap by Monday?

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    I doubt it, but I suspect by the weekend it'll pick up a lot.
    (but I'm wrong a lot, I just keep wishing)
    I do know that lately people are fishing way to shallow, right up on the bank.
    I've been getting bigger fish out deeper, in water 20 to 30 ft.
    and using a bigger jig with a bigger grub.

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    depends on where you are at? taylorsville or ky lake

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    Caught a bunch of em on C-land Sunday but they were all dinks. Scratched 5-6 keepers out of 50 plus fish. These fish weren’t relating to cover. Sitting in 30-35 fow suspended up about 20-22 feet. As the evening progressed though the water temp climbed a bit and we did catch a few more shallow on brush.

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