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Thread: Planer boards

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    Planer boards

    All the striper fisherman out there. I’m curious what planers you all prefer. Was going to buy the clear board 9.5” but I’m going fishing the first of May and they’re all like a 2-3 month lead time which is weird.

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    Not sure what clear boards are, a brand or style indicated by the name?
    I have only used offshore , no complaints. Shop around for price though.

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    I love my 9” clear boards. Got them through “Catfish Connection”, but not lately. I don’t know what the holdup could be.

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    You will think I am crazy....... have spend way too much money for boards over the years. Watched this video and made my own.

    BY FAR, better than any board I have ever used. In Lake Erie, they go over 1-2 ft waves so easily. On a flat lake like cumberland, they spread better than the expensive ones. Most plastic boards dig in to the water on turns or with waves.

    THEY ARE AMAZING. I can work 3-4 boards easily on each side of the boat. Made about 8 pairs for about 20-30 dollars.

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