1/32 oz. 23 9 green,14 blue #4 Eagle Claw hk. $.09 ea.
1/16 oz. 44 16 green,28 blue # 2 Eagle Claw hk. $.09 ea.
1/16 oz. 50 barb coller 1/0 Eagle Claw hk. $.10 ea.
1/8 oz. 36 ring & barb coller E.C L630 2/0 hk. $.08 ea.
1/8 oz. 32 ring & barb coller wire w.g.4/0 Mustad $.13 ea.
1/4 oz. 35 red banana head E.C. L630 4/0 hk. $.09 ea.
I'm also pouring custom jig heads 1/32 to 1/2 oz. with the following molds and hooks. round,arky,and banana head. Mustad, Matzuo,VMC, and Eagle Claw. JIGS- hair,silicone, hair/silicone combos,craft hair, and old style living rubber. Also have 1/16 oz. craft hair with #2 Mustad B/N hks,& duck feather for the float-n-fly rig. I also have the following fly tying materials:
3-pks big fly fiber yellow $1.00 pk.
3-pks super fine dry fly dubbing 1-tan 1-sulpher or. 1-dark tan
$.50 pack
2-pks black beaver fur. $.50 ea.
9-pks of lite brite (dubbing???) 3-rainbow, 1-silver, 1-ruby red
4-hares ear. $.50 ea. Send email to ksmith@mounet.com for pictures of jigs & jig heads, and if interested in custom jig heads or jigs