I am posting this from another board, where I visit. I feel this is a very good cause; and hope you feel the same. I have already given some donations, as well as others on another website. But, they still need your help.

Hello everyone I was just writing to let everyone know I called Rachelle and Jane in regards to donations for there program "GET REEL" program. A little about the program is this...It is put on by the Chamber of Commerce of Winter Haven, FL and this is the first year they are doing this program.

It takes the kids of the area and teaches them how to fish and how to keep the lake clean and also about the catch and release program.

Just think this is our next genration fisherman and fisherwoman. But in order to get the tackle; the kids are going to have to help clean the lakes. This is a free program for the kids to enjoy the sport of fishing and gives them something better to do than run the streets and get in trouble.

It seems like a great cause to help the local community kids & City of Winter Haven lakes division & Keep Winter Haven clean & Beautiful.

If you would like to send any donations in please feel free to send them to me. I have a few tackle shops that will be helping as well. I think this is would be a really great thing for any of us to do; if we have any extra equipment we no longer need or use.

I have a few poles and tackle boxes I'm sending in. So if anyone would like to make any donation (Lures, reels, rods, line ect.) I will be taking it all down April 28 2006 to the Lake Howard Nature Park I will also let them know all the members who donated these items.

You never know this could bring in new fisherman and fisherwomen. The youth is our voice, and feature of fishing!

If you would like to donate anything you can call me
@ 407-397-3122
or you can mail it to me:

Anthony Morris 6951
Osceola Polk line rd
Davenport Fl. 33896

Justin Hires
Tournament Director