I survived another tax season, so I "celebrated" with a fishing trip this morning. I got a late start this morning and I didn't get to the lake until about 7:30. I struggled for a while then found a couple of areas holding pretty good fish. All fish were caught on a weightless 5" Yum Dinger and a 5/0 Gammy G-Lock hook. The water temp was 67-69.5 degrees where I fished today. I caught 12 bass total with a best five of almost 17 pounds. I only had 5 good quality fish .. the rest were 14-16" bass. The fish were caught in 3-6 feet of water in the edges of the grass, next to bare, light colored bottom areas (clay?) Stumpy areas with weeds produced 3 of the best fish I caught today. The big fish was 4 lb 10 oz. I only caught one female with eggs ... the rest had already spawned. The pros were practicing for the Elite 50 and were running all over the lake. I left them biting and came home at 11:30.