Fishing Tip of the Week for Lake Guntersville Alabama

Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service

Even though the water has cooled a little it appears the fish are moving into some typical summer time patterns. In order to catch fish this week you will need to do some creative things on the water. You need to look for bass chasing shad, move to the edges of the channel as well as look for unusual grass line formations. Each of these will produce bites if you fish correctly, the shad will produce a crank bait bite or a top water bite early if we get a little water warming, the channel edges should allow you to produce some big fish from some deep running crank baits and the unusual grass lines will produce bites from senkoís to monster worms or lizards. Work humps early and move to the deeper edges, as the sun gets brighter into the day. When that bite goes away then its time to look into the other patterns described above the channel edges and unusual grass lines. Stay away from the real thick grass unless you can get a bite over the top of them with top water baits.
This will be another real productive week the water temperature is in the low 70ís and will prolong the late spring post spawn bite.
Good fishing put them back alive and most of all be careful on the water.
I have open dates Tuesday, and Thursday & Friday of the upcoming week of The 15th of May.

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