Bass Fishing “Tip of the Week” Lake Guntersville Alabama

With the water about to warm quickly as the summer time heat appears to be moving in, the top-water bite should be the early morning pattern of choice. You should look for the shad and the feeding bass early and go back to throwing a Pop-R, Spook, and Buzz-bait to generate the early morning bite. If the grass is real thick, look to throw the “Ribbit” it is very productive grass free bait that will produce bites and keep you out of the grass hang-ups. As the morning moves to the 10 a.m. time frame start throwing a “Fluke” pull it through and over the grass. Don’t forget to swim a worm over the grass as it also has proven to be productive in hot weather. This bait is worked several different ways, so change presentation from fast moving to slow, to quick jerks until you find a pattern that the bass like. Once that sun sets in high in the blue sky you will then need to move to the deeper channel edges throwing a worm or jig from about 18 ft. of water and pulling this bait down the channel edge or swimming that worm over the top of the grass. It’s about the time of year that a Carolina rig worm, lizard or senko should work on into the high sun part of the day and produce good fish.
As you can see its getting into the time of year that there should be several types of patterns to choose from and to try if the bass seem slow and uncooperative. The key will be persistence and the ability to change and adapt to the conditions. The best of you will catch fish from now through the summer so be smart and let the conditions lead you to a winning pattern.
I have open dates the 23rd through the 26th of this upcoming week; lets catch some big Lake Guntersville bass together!

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