[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON May-29-06 AT 07:50PM (EST)[/font][p]Fishing Tip of the Week 5/29/2006 Lake Guntersville Alabama

This up-coming week on the lake will be some of the best days until we get in the mid-summer patterns. This early summer pattern will be ideal for the top-water bite; the water has warmed to the high 70’s. There is plenty of baitfish in the water the fish have finished spawning and you should be able to catch big time numbers on the lake. The keys to catching fish this week will be to find grass that is still under the water by about 2 ft. or more, look for color in the water and find those bait fish. If you can put this pattern together you will be in top-water heaven, if you can add that to a cloudy day you may load the boat with your Spook, Pop-R or Buzz-bait. The next key for the week will be the grass, the bass are not ready to suspend the water is not hot enough and the water still has plenty of oxygen so as the sun comes up look for 7 to 9 ft. of hydrilla grass, the bass like the stringy hydrilla this time of year the bait fish hide in this grass and you will get bites with crank baits, worms, and spinner baits all week long.
The biggest tip I can give you is to go purchase some of “Punisher Lures” “Flame Spinner Baits” the bass just love that red coloring, and it is by far the best spinner bait from a stand point of in the water presentation I have ever fished with. You cannot get this spinner bait to roll over and it is just presents itself as live bait better than any spinner bait I have used. You can find how to purchase these by going to www.punisherlures.com
As that sun comes up, look for the clumpy grass, pull that “Fluke” or “Hairey Joe Worm” through the grass, change presentation with this bait until you get some strikes and have some fun. It should be another great week on the water.
I will be on vacation from the 1st of June through the 7th and will start fishing back again with clients on the 10th. Come fish with me! Past the 10th I have several open dates and look forward to fishing with you and putting you on the big Lake Guntersville bass.

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