Fishing Tip of the Week, “ Lake Guntersville” 6/25/2006

This upcoming week of fishing will be rite in the middle of the mid summer patterns on Lake Guntersville. Every bite will be important and for those who miss the few bites they do get it will lead to one of the many stories about the fish that got away. Regardless of how it’s presented, make every bite count because you’re fishing for a few bites a day. The weatherman is calling for a little cooler weather at least down to 88, now there’s an improvement!
I believe though that we will see an early morning bite as most mornings in the mid summer pattern, so don’t put up those top-water baits as I believe you will still find some fish on this pattern. I do believe that the fish are schooling tighter each week and when you find one you will find more, so turn that boat around on each hit and work the area thoroughly before leaving it. As the sun gets high I still think you have some options of baits that should produce fish, the Carolina rig, jig, heavy spinner bait should all be in your arsenal of baits to use off the river channel, or on the edges of the creeks in the deep water. Its time again to get back to those humps that produced fish in the late winter, look to fish patterns that produced fish then only now you will have a grass edge to deal with. The bass should be positioned just off the depth change, and be aware of your boat position again, bass will position themselves into the water movement, so the wind or TVA pulling water should tell you how to position your boat so the bass see your bait.
I am a believer that your bait should blend into the color of the water; if it’s to bright the fish will shy away in the bright sun. So be aware of color, it can be the difference in catching fish, or missing one that hit it short.
As always in this mid summer pattern flipping that heavy jig or tube into the deep edges of the thinner grass lines should produce some fish. This past week I received many emails regarding how to rig for flipping so let me give you my typical rig.
1. Braided line 60lb test
2. ¾ oz or 1 oz. Weight if your using a tube, tube needs to be at least 4.25 inches long so you can use a big 5.0 hook
3. ¾ or 1 oz. Jig if your flipping a jig
4. 7 ½ ft. flipping stick, something that is light in weight and strong in tip, extra heavy tip (unfortunately an expensive rod)
5. 7 to 1 bait cast reel light in weight as possible
6. Backbone when you set the hook, you have to be quick a the draw and set that hook with authority
I think one or several of these patterns will produce fish this week, the key will be locating the feeding fish and that will take indulgence on the water. Getting off those community holes and getting to some different areas of the lake that offer something just a little different, remember if there is bait-fish there is bass.
Have good week fishing, I have open dates for Wednesday and Friday only of this up-coming week, and I am booked the rest of the week through the 4th. Please call if you would like to join me.
I have taken some reservations for teaching fishing techniques already, I set up teaching blocks for 2 hour periods at a time; all lessons are one on one or if more than one member of the same family then we work together. If you’re interested please call.

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