Fishing Tip of the Week, Lake Guntersville 7/9/2006

I believe the summer pattern will be pretty consistent until the weather changes; your bites will come near deep water. On top early, and in 8 to 15 feet of water after the morning bite ends. However, as I described last week the rat bite in the scummy brown grass off the river channel will produce fish all day. The best way to catch numbers will be to find the times when the TVA is pulling water, this always turns the bass on this time of year as it produces oxygen and cuts the sun down with the water movement. When this occurs, you should be able to catch good numbers and good size fish, by throwing a jig or a Carolina rig lizard on the deep edges of the channel. Look for the sharpest edge with those quick dropping grass lines down to 20 feet of water. Try different types of presentations, throw up and drag your bait down the edge and parallel the grass line, stick with the presentation that produces the bite.
This time of year you should also be able to find some fish that will hit a deep running crank bait. However this bite will not be everywhere, you need to find a change in grass line that sticks out differently than other edges. A grass edge that pushes out like a point within a edge, an area that you can run that crank bait just off the deep edge and offers an ambush spot for the bass. It might only have a 20 to 30 foot strike zone, but if you can find one like this it will produce fish and big fish. This is a great way to win a tournament for many reasons. You will be fishing an area that most people cannot find, and the bass will stay on this edge over a long period of days, as it will serve as a great feeding spot for them.
I have open dates Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of this week, come fish with me I will show you some of these irregular grass edges like I described above. Let me help you prepare for a tournament and teach you some of these winning patterns.
I still have open 2-hour slots for teaching techniques and will continue to give lessons throughout the summer.

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