Fishing “Tip of the Week” Lake Guntersville 10/29/06

With the colder weather coming and the fishing becoming extremely slow I believe that the bass will start showing some signs of moving to deeper water. The morning top water bite will probably be gone, and the bass should show signs of relating to structure and to depth. This means that you should break out those jigs; heavy spinner baits, and continue to through your big worm.
I believe the key this week will be humps closer to the main channel, looking for 9 to 10 feet of water with some grass for the bass to hide under. You should also be able to find bass scattered around the channel edge in the first break of the deep water. A big point to remember is as the water cools the bass will school more and more and as the grass dies off the fish should be easier to find. A key for the next few weeks will be that erratic grass edge that appears to have a different look or edge it should hold fish.
Something you should do when fishing a heavy spinner bait will be to pull it at the channel edge from the shallow to the deep, but as that bait pulls over the deep water let it drop for a few seconds, this should create a bite if the bass are underneath it. Remember this is the time of year you should be patient and slow down your bait so its get to the bottom and with a jig or worm, let it sit on the bottom shake it and then move it and be patient.

Patience, Patience, Patience will be your best friend on the water, for quite some time.

I look forward to fishing with you.

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