Fishing Tip of the Week Lake Guntersville 11/26/06

In late November and early December the water temps are now in the mid to upper 40’s and the fishing starts to take on a slow and generally deeper pattern. The bass have moved off the shelves to the edges and humps and have access to deep water at just about every angle you can imagine. Now lets not confuse deep-water access with only 20 plus water, as this is not the case. The bass will hold close to water that is 10 plus feet deep and stage up and down the edges of the shallow water when they feed. They will look for slow lethargic presentations, like finesse worm and jig worked slowly and allowed to sit and twitch or stay on the bottom. So slow your presentation down be very patient and worked edges that has 10 plus feet of water near bye.
One thing I try to tell my customers is to try and think of a presentation that can be worked very slowly yet has a little different lure that maybe these bass haven’t seen many times when fishing this time of year. There is an enormous amount of new baits out this time of year and it is time for you to experiment with them and try some to find a new presentation and new lure that may offer a different bite.
An example of this is for the past couple of years there has been a term out called stick worming, this presentation with a finesse worm has worked for me on the outside turns of channel edges and produced good early winter fish. I believe its time to start stick worming again and the next few weeks should produce good fish on this presentation. It seems this year the new big idea is spinner jigs, although I have not fished this yet I intent to and believe it will produce bites over the next few weeks.
I hope my latest tips help you become a better fisherman, student of the sport and lands more fish in your boat on Lake Guntersville.
For you qualifying B.A.S.S. fisherman fishing in the January qualifying tournament I realize the lake is only open to you only until the 1st of January, I have several trips scheduled now with qualifiers like yourself and have several open dates to help you move on as a qualifier with B.A.S.S. I’d love to help you learn more about Lake Guntersville. Please call for dates and times!

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