I have a couple of rods and reels that I am planning to put up for bids on E-bay soon. I used these several years ago when my partner and I were into Striper fishing but we haven’t been in a long time so I figured I would sell the rods and reels. They are about 10 or 12 years old but still in good shape and both reels are considered vintage collectables on E-bay.

The first set up rod is a MASTER GRAPHITE C, model GO71, 7 foot medium action trolling rod.

The reel is a Daiwa Great Lakes Sealine 47 LC, Hi Speed 5.:1. It is great for trolling, running long line, or Planner Boards when you want to know exactly how much line you have out or how deep you are fishing. This reel sells for about $100 new and is going on E-bay for $60 to $70 without a rod.
Very smooth Star Drag; Lever Spool Release; Push Down Buttom to Reset Counter; line capacity 14 lb 380 yards, 20 lb 280 yards and 25 lb 220 yards.
I am going to put a starting bid of $75 for this set up, so that is what I will take from someone on Fishin.com.

The second rod is a QUANTUM XL Graphite Model QXLC 70H. 7’0” long Heavy Action Casting Rod and also great for trolling.

The reel is a PENN PEER 109. This is a great vintage bait casting reel in near mint condition. It still has the spare pawl. It has red end caps, a bait clicker, star drag, and a “alligator speed handle” which I put on. These reels without a rod go for $25 to $40 on E-bay. I am asking $50 for the set up.

I haven’t calculated shipping yet but I will deliver to someone from Fishing.com if they can meet me somewhere within a hundred miles from Elizabethtown, preferable at a lake/ramp.

If you have an questions, email me at grumpy179@insightbb.com
Thanks for looking,