Some changes had to be made to the schedule you will notice the wild card tournament is now scheduled and i had to move the 9-16 Pleasant Hill open due to a conflict with the National Classic. It has been moved to Oct 21st.

Everything is set in stone now and only mother nature will change anything.

4-28 Clearfork Marina Ramp 7am to 3pm
5-5 Portage Lake New State Ramp 7am to 3pm
5-19 Alum Creek New Galena Ramp 6am to 2pm
6-9 Pleasant Hill Marina Ramp 6am to 2pm
7-14 Delaware Marina Ramp 6am to 2pm
7-28 Sandusky Bay Dempsey Ramp 6am to 2pm

8-11 Clear Fork Marina ramp 6am to 2pm

8-25 Pleasant Hill Marina ramp 6am to 2pm WildCard

Same Ramps for the opens time for all opens is 7am to 3pm
4-15 OPEN Clearfork
5-6 OPEN Portage Lake
7-29 OPEN Sandusky Bay
10-21 OPEN Pleasant Hill