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    Smile "Fishing Tip of the Week" Lake Guntersville 2/15/07

    Fishing Tip of the Week 2/15/07 Lake Guntersville

    Some really cold weather this past 4 weeks has made it difficult to find the fish, but when you do the rewards can be great. The cold weather has bunched the fish up and one of the best tips I can give you is when you find a bite work that area thoroughly keep on the area for 50 yards on each side of the bite as you will probably produce more bites and bigger fish.
    Bait presentation will be the next key to finding active fish the most important thing you can do is take the baits that you believe are productive and present them several ways. Like a crank-bait, there are many ways to work one, you can stop it, let it rise, suspend or jerk it quickly. When one of these presentations produces a bite repeat it for the next bite. This will be crucial to catching numbers and bigger fish versus only catching that one bite.
    The areas of the lake that will produce over these next few weeks will be water near drop offs where the depth is less than 9 feet but deep water is near bye. The areas to concentrate on will be areas of the lake that still have some grass. It doesnít take a lot of grass this time of year to find active fish, but there must be enough to hold the fish. Scattered grass will do the trick.
    For those of you who just love to crank bait there will be a good nucleus of fish that havenít moved up from the deep, yet their body will be telling them its time, and they will be near gradual drop offs with grass on top. You need to get down to twenty feet or so to catch big fish I like to fish with Rapalaís DB16ís or 20ís. I prefer the suspending type of crank baits this time of year for a couple of reasons, the first being itís not as much work to fish a suspending bait and second if they are just slowly starting to feed the suspending bait can sit in deep depths and rock just by letting it sit there for a few seconds. Remember a key to getting deep-diving bait down deep in the water is to use a light line like 8 lb test; this does however preclude you from horsing a big fish when you do get a bite. Set your drag light enough to set the hook but loose enough to let the fish have room to work some when you hook it so you donít break off. You want that fish tired when it comes to the surface so it doesnít break off when it hits the surface and jumps.
    You jig fisherman should be in heaven this next few weeks, this is jig time of year, find a small area of grass in 8 to 15 feet of water and work your jig. You should catch big fish and have a blast.
    Letís try these ideas together; I have several openings available for the month of March and a few in late February.

    Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
    256 759 2270
    Captain Mike Gerry

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    Re: "Fishing Tip of the Week" Lake Guntersville 2/15/07

    coming your way the 14th of next month, a long with a couple of the guides from Dale Hollow, would be very interested in a heads up on your top choices of crank baits, jigs, trailers or pork, colors size, also lb. test line to use,
    Well you have a good idea of what IM asking, your help captain would be appreciated thanks in advance

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