The key to catching Bass on a Spinner Bait

Every year about this time I get many questions about Spinner-Baits. The most important lesson I can give you about fishing a spinner-bait is to tell you that the bait is worked with the wrist. All the action comes from fishing the bait with movement from the wrist not the rod tip as one might do with other baits. When your retrieving a spinner-bait you must use your wrist to work the bait and give it the erratic action it must have to catch fish.
If you use your wrist you can change the action of the bait just by moving your wrist back and forth. This allows you to change speeds, stop and drop it, and allows you to keep the bait just above the grass when slow rolling the bait.
The most important thing to have is spinner-bait that will collapse, and not turn over, besides the strength to catch a big bass. I can tell you that Punishers Lure “Flame Spinner Bait” is the best I have ever seen. The lure collapses like a wounded baitfish, you cannot get it to turn over and I have never seen one break, so it is extremely strong. I personally like the Watermelon color as it comes with a red blade on a double willow leaf configuration, and their newest June bug color also comes with a red blade on the double willow leaf configuration.
If you want to fish a great Spinner-Bait and catch big fish, this tip and this bait will do it.

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