I know that it is the sexy move to blame the UK fan for everything that is wrong in sports and the world for that matter. Put UK fans in charge of homeland security, we seem to be able to run everyone else out of town, why not AlQuaida.
How in the world could a fan base have such unrealistic expectations? To actually want to win championships(the audacity)! You'd never see a quality program like Carolina throw their coach under the bus; oops I forgot about that whole Matt Daugherty thing. Or what about those media darlings down at Florida where football is worshiped like a religion. They'd never run their coach off after a couple of winning seasons no less; wait a minute, Ron Zook comes to mind.
I agree, Coach G does have some big shoes to fill. I mean not every coach can take a program like Kentucky and lose 25 games in two seasons... or lose six straight to Florida... or get swept by that perennial power house Vandy. But Tubby at least left the cubbard full, right. I'm sure that if Tubby "the great" had stayed he would have led this talented team to the championship next year.
Folks, you want to blame someone for the short leash that coaches get today, then blame CBS for the billion dollar tv contract or the BCS for the millions that schools get for making a BCS game. But that's just it; Tubby got TEN years! Well I guess he'll just have to try and cope with getting a 7.5 million dollar severence package( oh that's right he wasn't even fired). Poor poor Tubby.