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    Talking Rainbow With Teeth

    I just thought those of you who haven't seen these two photos would enjoy seeing a Rainbow Trout with teeth. It was posted on the KY fishin' board and the comments are hilarious. (Photo #1) (Photo #2)

    I wonder if the person who caught it thought about calling it a Pirahainbow.

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    Re: Rainbow With Teeth

    I've caught some with longer teeth, but I've never seen one with that many!!!

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    I know this post is old but thought this may be helpful...May be a cutthroat trout or "cutbow". From my understanding resident rainbow trout have smaller teeth & none on their tongue. Their close cousin the cutthroat have larger teeth & also some wicked smaller teeth on their tongue. Rainbows and cutthroats are often found in the same waters and are capable of & sometimes do interbreed creating hybrids called "cutbows". We have both where i live in the pacific northwest & ive heard of local cutbows but never caught 1 forsure myself. Its always interesting to see the teeth on these guys...the steelhead & king salmon too. During spawning especially the male kings can get some gnarly fangs man!

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