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    A reply from the Governor

    A month or so ago I wrote a post about the county in Eastern Kentucky not having but a 500 dollar budget for books. you can still find it lower on this page. I did indeed write a letter to the Governor about it and the reply he gave me was that Fox Network did not know what it was talking about. He also stated that he wrote them a letter and they were going to retract part or all of the statements made in the show. Well I have not seen anything else about this but this letter from the Fletcher. He also said that there had been a ten thousand dollar budget adjustment for that school district that fox was not aware of and it was not every school in that county that was in trouble just one smaller community one, I am just guessing it is not the one the country club is located in. The camera is not shining on this problem but it is still out there so don't forget if you have kids, grandkids, or just worry about this countries future make a few town meetings and speak up write a few letters. Hey we could even get together and get a case of that sigle layer sandpaper they called tiolet tissue in school and TP the State House. Just to make some noise.


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    Re: A reply from the Governor

    Hey! what are you, some kind of nut? who needs schools? if we were any smarter, we would know HOW to vote.The extra money is being spent wisly, they are black topping the shoulders on hwy 90, so that it loo9ks good to all those out of state boaters. Of course black top will cost more to maintain than the present gravel, so some sweet heart contracts are going to come up soon. Books? Who needs em? their r enuff scools in ketn. all reddy

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