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    What's up in Kentucky?

    First of all ya'll finally got rid of tubby, then ya'll made a good choice in electing your new governor. What I'd like to know who's next on the hit list? Hope Rick P ain't I like him even though I ain't a cards fan.

    Hows tubby doing? Hope he has some really warm clothes for up there....

    Ole fletcher did provide us north of the river folks with plenty of entertainment. That's the only thing I'll miss about him and his administration.

    Everyone have a happy thanksgiving...........

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    Re: What's up in Kentucky?

    Yep Tubby needed to go for sure! He did what he could while he was here but now it's Billy G. time and after a few years we will be back in top form.
    I'm not a fan of Steve B. but I hope for the best. I really didn't want Casino's in KY but if Steve gets his way then they will be here. Happy Holidays to you...

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