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    80 count them!! 80

    I was watching the news this evening,and the new governor is out having parties and balls and what not. Wonder what the tax payers are footing for those get togethers. Then there was a spot where the ex governor spent most of his last day handing out more pardons. 80 pardons? Do these things just get tossed in the big pickle jar on the top shelve like loose change. Then at the end of your term you dump them out and roll them up a turn them out. Some of these pardons were for murder convictions, where a jury of their peers had found them guilty, and gave them a sentence that was equal to their crime. and now Fletcher has one last week in office and he found time to review each case and all of the testomony, and evidence and was able to determine the convicted should be cut a break. Does anyone out here know where the tradition began. I mean I understand why the lame duck waits to the last day, so He won't catch the heat if some one like a victim gets a little pissed. I wonder if this also sets a record for a single governor in the number of pardons given out in one term of office. Any one else have any thoughts or answers

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    Re: 80 count them!! 80

    if you read in the c.j today,wed. in the article when asked about checking out each case and discussing it with prosecutors and attorneys he said "if i had and unlimited amount of time" i could have.i take that as he just did it.Also they said that no victims or their families were notified.One of them beat her grandmother to death.

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    Re: 80 count them!! 80

    Yep this stinks and it will not help his record of being in politics. For the most part I liked Fletcher but this doesn't sound good. I'm going to look for some writing on this so I can get an educated opinion.

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