There is NOT a limitless supply of oil! And it isn't because we need it for our cars and trucks and boats. Plastics use it,synthetic fibres use it,power plants use it, and because it is still available, there will be little or no research into other energy sources.When 3 mile island happened, our nuclear power went into limbo. But there are some good arguments against too much of it. Why? Cause of the regulations that would be needed, and the way our agenies handle regulators.Look at the FAA, who is charge of regulations? Airline execs, mining laws, mine owners and on and on. We want the wolf to watch the sheep, and then wring our hands when the worst happens.I remember when our power company wanted to build a nuke site, and use the drinking water for almost 30 million people to cool it, and their safty record sucked, it was warred against by every one because of that.How much public transport is there in this country? There used to be bus service to most towns and small citys, its gone. How many rail roads, a lot fewer now than before. But one thing we never think about, how many more of US are there?