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    The company finally paid me what was due

    When I left my company on 1/26/2008 I was due 2 "special" holidays and vacation pay. They paid me my vacation but said "special" holidays could not be paid as I was no longer an active employee.

    Nobody told me squat in the 30 days I worked after giving notice that I had to take the special holidays or lose them.

    I then contacted the regional vice president's secretary on the unethical and unprofessional manner in which I was treated.This was after the local bosses just shrugged me off and said too bad.

    It took a while, but my bulldog persistance finally paid off with the company paying to me the monies I was due.I just hope someone got a good arse chewing.

    I never got mad. (well, yes I did) and I finally got even!!!!

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    That's great. I'm glad you got what was due to you. And don't worry about the double post; as rare as it is for the "little guy" to win in a situation like that, I'd be excited about it, too. Hope you're enjoying your retirement.

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