New Division for 2010 - Geist / Morse Division

Have you been looking for an affordable trail to fish on Geist / Morse, one you can enjoy and not empty your bank account during this tough economy?

Look no farther! USA Bassin is a grass roots tournament trail, catering to the amateur angler. USA Bassin has a "family friendly" and wholesome atmosphere paired with entry fees at $50 for a weekend tournament. This makes USA Bassin not only fun, but one of the most affordable tournament trails in the country.

Qualify for the National Classic - which will be held on Kentucky/Barkley Lakes on May 7-8, 2011. Three boats will be given away, along with a cash payback- see the main page for more details!!!

4-18 Morse
5-1 Geist
6-5 Geist
6-27 Morse
7-10 Geist

Boat draw will be determined by the order of entries received - so get yours in early if you want an early draw! For more information, contact Todd Hollowell at todd.hollowell@amfam.com or visit www.usabassin.com for more details, entry forms, and rules.