First thing is with the weather predictions may have coused a few baots to not show, the only rain we had was at take-off it was drizzling enough to make it hard to run. other than that the rest of the day was dry.

It seams we have a good bunch of guys fishing this circuit with alot off room to grow.
Fishing was GOOD! 80% of the field had limits. and everybody wieghed fish.

Next tournament is 5-22-10

Results for 4-24-10
1. Richard Kendle/Pat White 10.80
2. George Parton/Dave Parton 9.16
3. Robert Thompson/Mark Johnson 7.68
4. Matt Hoffman/Jason Drook 7.42
5. Cary Daley/Rick Scalf 6.62
6. Jeremy Higgins/Doug Tulle 6.08
7. John Keal/Chris Setty 5.56 Big Bass 3.14
8. Daniel Sepeck/Dennis Sepeck 5.54
9. Fred Vonrissen/Tim Rowe 2.00
10. Rick Pollard/Mike Brown 1.44

For info on this circuit contact Robert Thompson (513) 205-4549