9th Annual Wayne Collard Memorial
Benefit for Needy Families
Hosted by the
From Corydon, IN

Rough River Lake – Laurel Branch Ramp
July 16th, 2010 8PM-8AM (Louisville time)

Registration and boat check begins at 6:00pm
$70 entry fee per team (70% payback)
$10 optional big bass pot (100% payback)
Cash only accepted!
Cutoff is 15 minutes before starting time
Starting position will be on sign up position - first in first out

Money prorated on % of the field
Pays one place per every five boats
Example based on 50 boats entered:
1st place $1000
2nd place $500
3rd place $250
4th place $170
5th place $115
6th place $100
7th place $90
8th place $80
9th place $75
10th place $70

50/50 POT!
Door Prizes!

Boat owner:___________________ Partner:____________________
Signature:______________________ Signature:_____________________
Address:_______________________ Address:_________________________
City:____________ State: _____ Zip:_______ City:____________ State:_____ Zip:______

By completing this application I hereby waive and release all hosts, sponsors, and tournament promoters from any claims in connection with this tournament.


1. Life vests must be worn and kill switch must be attached to the driver’s vest anytime gas motor is running.
2. Fishermen must abide by all state and federal boating laws or be disqualified.
3. No use of alcohol or illegal drugs during tournament hours.
4. Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass are legal at weigh in, but only one may be 12-14.99” with all others 15” or over. There is a five (5) fish limit. All fish are measured with the mouth and tail closed.
5. There is a one pound penalty for each short fish and a one pound penalty for each dead fish brought to the weigh in.
6. No live bait or prepared baits can be used except for pork rind.
7. Official measurement to be done on a Golden Rule.
8. Check in attempted after the designated time will be result in disqualification.
9. Tied positions money will be split equally.
10. All decisions made by the Tournament Director are final.
11. Tournament director will give the official time before the start of the tournament.
12. Only one rod may be used at a time by a team member. No trolling is allowed.
13. No fishing within 50 yards of a competitor’s anchored boat whose trolling motor is up.
14. No refunds will be given.

For more tournament information contact Russ Gates at 502-210-1825.

Construction Resource and Management
Russ Gates 502-210-1825
John Handzel 502-599-2516
Sexauer Facility Maintenance and Plumbing Product Specialists
Jeff Phillips 502-491-2600

Hoosier Hills Bassmasters is a bass fishing club out of Corydon, IN. We fish a club tournament schedule every year that consists of Barren River Lake, Rough River Lake, Lake Monroe, Patoka Lake, Kentucky/Barkley Lakes, and the Ohio River. If you are interested in joining an affordable and competitive yet informative club, contact us on our Facebook page or ask us about joining at the open tournament. We are always looking for more boaters, but co-anglers are also potential members.