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Thread: Sinking Creek?

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    Sinking Creek?

    Has anyone fished Sinking Creek in Breckinridge Co? I see that it's being stocked today (Aug 16). I'm not familiar with the area but it may make a nice alternative to Otter Creek since I live in Louisville. I'm looking for decent trout opportunities relatively close to home...someplace I can zip to after work (one hour'ish from Louisville.) Thanks again.

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    Re: Sinking Creek?

    Never been there but had the same thought when I lived in Louisville. Seems like accessibility was an issue if I recall. If you go I would love to know how it went.

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    Re: Sinking Creek?

    They dump the fish right at the bridge and there are usually a bunch of people there the first day of two. There is a pool there that can be too deep to wade but the riffle downstream is fishable. Most people who I've seen fishing there use bait. It's all under a canopy so you have to get in the water to throw flies. Overall, it's a pretty deep creek. Standing on the bridge and looking upstream, there's a farm house on your left. The people who own it run the little store up on the corner of the main road. If you ask, they'll let you cross their land to go upstream where the biggest part of the pool is.

    You can go on over to Custer which is just a few minutes down the road and turn toward Rough River. It's not but about 1/2 hour or so down the road to Rough Creek. Check the map for that area and turn right on Pierce Mill Rd. Again, they dump from the bridge but you can wade a long ways there, all the way to the lake. Just be sure to park in the pull off on the far side of the bridge and go down to the creek on that side. I've heard that the people who own the land on the near side don't allow anyone to cross their land.

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    Sinking creek

    I live on sinking creek. Fish it several times a year. All I ever catch is small rock bass and the horny head chub will drive you crazy. Never bought a trout. I'm about a mile up from bridge.

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