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    Help plan my fishing trip!

    Me and a few buddies are planning a fishing trip in the middle of May and we can't decide where to go, so I'm looking for some feedback from you guys. We all have kayaks and would like to find a nice river to float/fish for a week. We have a pop-up camper but don't mind "ruffin" it either so here's you chance to point us in the right direction. We do have a few novice kayak fishermen comming with us, but most of us have been doing this for at least a few years now. We're looking for BIG BASS with a nice view. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help plan my fishing trip!

    With yaks, I would take a serious look at New River or Shenandoah River. Shoot, with a week, you could fish both! ... Check out in Bentonville, VA. Pretty nice campground right on Shenandoah River... Have had 100 fish days in that area from a canoe. Have caught smallies 3+ there, too.

    As for New River, I hear May can be really good fishing. The New holds some huge smallies! Can't give you a whole lot of info about where to go though. Sorry...

    Good luck with your trip! Sounds like it will be a fun week!

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    Re: Help plan my fishing trip!

    I've heard the New was a great smallmouth fishery. I've never fished it but I have been white water rafting down it 6 times. Absolutely beautiful river! I highly recommend it.

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