Just got the kayak put up and wanted to put out the info for anyone that needs it. I put in the water around 7am down at the south end (great spot for a kayak). Water temp was somewhere in the high 60's with very little wind and intermittent cloud coverage. Tried some top water (buzz bait and poppers), and a plastic worm right off the bat, but I couldn't get anything to bite even though there was action all around me. I switched to a spinner and a Rapala stick bait but still couldn't get any action. Around 1:00 I threw on an orange, square bill crank bait... and they blew it up. Ended up catchin about 5 nice bass and even picked up a cat fish on that little sucker. Could have spent all morning in bed on my day off, but I'll trade take a fishless morning on the lake any day!